About Breakout Coaching



What is Breakout Coaching?

Breakout Coaching is a unique process of helping people discover  beliefs that interfere with their happiness and satisfaction in life.  It can be used to examine and impact any area of life, from the professional to the most personal.  A unique aspect of Breakout Coaching is that it’s grounded on the premise that each person is the foremost expert on themselves. Breakout Coaching utilizes deep and focused questions that allow the client to break through beliefs that have been holding them back.

 Breakout Coaching Can:

  • Increase satisfaction in your relationships.
  • Unlock the power of becoming clear about what you really want.
  • Uncover beliefs that block creativity.
  • Enable you to experience the  power of self-acceptance.
  • Demonstrate that you don't need to be unhappy in order to change.  

Some common self-defeating beliefs  include:

  • If I haven’t achieved this___________  ( job, relationship, financial goal, etc.) by now,  I’ll never be able to.
  • If I’m not unhappy, I won’t try to make changes.
  • I have to be afraid in order to protect myself.
  • I have to feel stressed in order to accomplish what I want.
  • If I don’t feel guilty, I won’t try to be a good person.

These are just a few of the beliefs that people come up against.  Most likely,  you will have your own unique variation. 

In what areas of life would you like to Break Out?