Working with Debbie is like magic. I have experienced so much more joy, am less afraid, and spend more time being creative. With Debbie’s help I was also able to change to a more fulfilling career, and quadrupled my income. I highly recommend Debbie to anyone wanting more freedom, kindness, creativity and fulfillment in their life. She is one of a kind, and a gift to the world.
— Hay J., Chicago

In 1987 my life changed dramatically. After my seventeen year marriage ended, I moved halfway across the country and was on my own for the first time ever. I was overwhelmed with the sudden unshared responsibilities of finances, home and especially caring for two teenage daughters. I was depressed, vulnerable, and I felt like a failure.

I worked with Debbie for 6 months in 2017 whilst I was going through a challenging time professionally and with my partner’s children. She has a very calm, caring manner and helped me explore my feelings and reactions to situations. Most importantly, helping me identify some of the beliefs driving my behavior and getting me to question whether these were in fact correct. I undoubtedly made big strides forwards with her and would highly recommend her to others.
— Anonymous, New York

I was also extremely lucky. Around this same, I began to work with Mandy Evans, the originator of Breakout Coaching. This gentle work allowed me to explore and often move past beliefs that caused painful feelings, such as guilt, fear and inadequacy. I began to look at my life and circumstances in a whole new way. From the inside out, things began to change.

Debbie did an amazing job of helping me discover my core assets and aspirations. Together we debunked many of my detrimental self-perceptions and beliefs. From a very difficult starting point, I now enjoy many more friendships and am able to help people and travel the world.
— Paul Achterberg

Then I began training to offer to others the coaching that had helped me so much. This work, different from but compatible with my daytime work as an addiction counselor, was something I knew I wanted to do. That was twenty years ago.

My work with Debbie always leaves me feeling reconnected to myself. I implicitly trust her to tell me the truth and the beauty is she does it in a way that allows me to let my guard down and hear it. I end up feeling heard, seen, accepted and uplifted. I’m able to regain movement and see what my next steps are. Even my boyfriend says that he’s witnessed me getting ‘unstuck’ after our sessions.
— Jewels H.

Breaking free from limiting beliefs expands the field of possibilities in all areas of life. 

You do not have to be limited by your past.  If you want to see meaningful changes in your life, I would be honored to work with you.

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With warmth and care, Debbie’s inquiring coaching style lasers into the heart of an issue and gently unlocks it. I highly recommend her coaching if you are up for facing those tough nut challenges and unhelpful patterns of behaviour that we all have in life.
— J. Williams, UK